We Bring Brightness To Life

At Nourdm Global Company Limited, we specialize in the manufacturing of cleaning detergents for domestic and industrial use. Nourdm global is committed to caring for the environment by producing eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaning detergent in attractive packaging. We desire to be amongst the leading global businesses in the field of cleaning detergent powder. The flagship brand of the company “Magik Multi-Purpose Detergent-Powder” is a state-of-the-art product that serves all the needs of our consumers in various ways. We have other great products too.

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We have Legacy in our work

With a legacy of innovative formulations, patents and industry first, We are manufacturing products with world class quality. Nourdm global is intending to develop leading personal care brands in the field of detergent-powders and others that will be available soon in the market.

Our legacy of innovation continues in the areas of product formulations, manufacturing and sustainability. Please, look for many exciting things comeā€¦